Sunday, 3 June 2012

Apps for PE

I have just been checking out some apps that can be used in Physical Education. Thanks to for the info.
Timemotion: Allows students to record video and then break down the video into types of movement such as standing, jogging or sprinting. It then provides an breakdown of how much time is spent doing a particular thing. This app would be useful in senior pe for students who are designing a training programme for a particular sport can look at the movements associated with that sport and ascertain the energy system that is primarily being used, they can then develop a training programme to meet those requirements.
Imuscle: Great app for students to zoom in on a particular muscle and learn its anatomical name, how to stretch it and how to train that muscle.
Sportscam:  This app allows students to take videos of people doing a movement or a skill then analyse it and compare it against other examples. This could be useful for a bio mechanics assignment or for student coaches.
Vernier Video Physics: Another video motion tool that is great for analysing skills and movements.
Thats all for now, I will keep a look out for more useful apps

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